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The Frontier Clinical Research Centre (FCRC) is designed to support investigators and sponsors throughout every step of a clinical study. Individual investigators, research teams, industry and corporate sponsors are encouraged to explore the possibilities that the FCRC has to offer to both facilitate and increase the value of their study. We strive to offer the best quality in support for clinical trials and patient-based research and we look forward to serving you.

We have dedicated research team members that provide services such as:

–Ensuring protocol, informed consent form, patient charts, database, Case Report Forms, questionnaires and other data collection or clinical trial documents are ready and are created using the appropriate ethics board template. If not, then the FCRC will assist in their preparation.

–Completing the ethics application and making sure that everything is coherent and complete.

–Answering any ethics queries that arise during the application process in a timely manner.

–Creating study specific regulatory study binders which will contain all study-related documents such as protocols, informed consent forms, adverse events, budget forms and approval, research agreements, meeting details, telephone and email correspondence, protocol deviations, recruitment materials and all required regulatory submissions and approvals.

–Establishing and setting up study specific databases using applications such as REDcap. Ensuring data collected on patients’ charts matches the database so as to avoid data collection inconsistencies.

–Ensuring data entry completion and verification is occurring according to set study timelines and that all queries are resolved within appropriate timelines.

–Providing support and ideas on patient recruitment techniques and aiding in patient recruitment. Once recruited, ensuring patients’ questions and concerns are always addressed along with maintaining a positive relationship with the patient to diminish patient withdrawals from the study.

–Tracking patient recruitment numbers, randomization and screen fail numbers and using logs to document each category.

–Confirming each patient visit is booked appropriately within study timelines and the staff needed is scheduled to run each study visit effectively.

–Coordinating and leading patient study visits. Ensuring all visit specific procedures and documentation is occurring as per the protocol and Good Clinical Practice guidelines.

–Recording any changes in patient’s conditions and health at each follow up visit and phone call. Recording adverse events and serious adverse events in a timely fashion.

–Keeping Principal Investigator (PI) informed about any study related issues or any trends in research data.

–Guiding graduate students in all aspects of clinical research and providing clinical trial training as needed. Examples: advice on protocol design and time lines, reviewing ethics applications, providing research documents templates.


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